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“Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well”
Think of this as the branding therapy session. We talk about your goals for the brand and what you want out of the relationship.
We get to work. Based on
the brainstorming session we
put our thoughts and ideas
into motion and present
our vision.
The dictionary definition
for refine (verb) is to acquire polish or elegance, to become pure. We fine-tune the design based on your feedback.
From the beginning we are planning for the delivery. We
will be with you every step of the
way to ensure the best possible product launch. Happiness.
Have you ever received something that was less then what was promised to you? The end result is disappointing. Why does this happen? Like you, we think it shouldn’t. We believe that design is an opportunity to continue telling your story, not just to sum everything up. We work hard to continue building your brand, that is why from the first moment we start working with you we always keep open communication and a free flow of information at all times. We deliver on what we promise.
Why does this happen?
This statement is our process for doing business and the engine that drives our ideas. Design should be pleasing to the eye but also have a purpose. Great ideas are worth being understood, and we think being understood is the purpose of design. Great companies deserve great opportunities but business only happens when companies make themselves understood. Our focus is on clear communication design, in print and online, with the purpose of connecting companies with the right audience. As companies grow and change in this economy their corporate communications need to reflect their direction. That is our process.